Nuscience Factory of the Future 2017 & 2021

Nuscience Factory of the Future 2017 & 2021

Factories of the Future

Nuscience develops and produces premixes, concentrates and mineral feed for mainly young animals (pigs, poultry and cattle); as well as additives for the animal feed industry.

In 2015 a brand-new specialities plant was put into operation in Drongen, which excels in the area of reaction speed to market opportunities. By linking ERP and MES (interfacing), 5,000 messages are currently sent to and fro in the factory, while the ERP system is autonomously "learning" to plan even better. In addition, the MES system exchanges 40,000 to 80,000 messages each day with the machine PLCs, and this via an OPC connection of which the logics is in the PLC. Turnaround times for orders were reduced in past years to 3 to 5 days, also by consciously investing in and planning a certain percentage overcapacity.

Fourteen European research projects with partners are currently ongoing. At Belgian level Nuscience Drongen is the project leader of, among others, Innodry (Flanders’ Food in cooperation with Food Pilot) and Wet2dry (in cooperation with Feed Design Lab).