How to seize the opportunities of the Industrial Internet of Things

How to seize the opportunities of the Industrial Internet of Things

After the Industrial Revolution and the Internet Revolution, today’s industry is on the verge of a new wave of innovation: the Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT. Pushing the boundaries of machines, this shift promises to increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility. But it also poses challenges. The 3IF & Agoria conference, a joint initiative of Sirris, LSEC & Agoria explains how to tackle them.


The IioT is a direct result of the Internet Revolution, which allowed machines to connect and exchange information. While the Industrial Internet is still in its infancy stage, the possibilities are virtually endless: processes can govern themselves, intelligent machines can take corrective action to avoid unplanned downtime, mobile devices can provide employees with status updates of any digital components in the production environment, and so on.


Best practices and strategies

Many companies, however, are dealing with insufficient resources to implement new technologies and plan improvement projects. Innovation is often seen as a long term goal – the main focus remains on what is practical and achievable right now.

That’s why Sirris, LSEC and Agoria have decided to join forces for the 3IF & Agoria Conference: an inspiring evening where we explain how manufacturers can capitalize on the opportunities of IIoT today. What are the major changes? How do other industry players approach the subject? What are some best practices and investment strategies? All these and more topics will be presented during this free event. Join the 3IF & Agoria Conference

Join in on 25 May, and discover how your peers and competitors tackle issues like digital manufacturing, Industrial IoT, data science, digital transformation, Industry 4.0, cyber security, and more. The event is free of charge, but seats are limited, so don’t hesitate!

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